Self reliance and city-dwelling

There’s an interesting forum discussion going on over at Kristen85 asks:

I currently live in an apartment in CT and I am thinking about the initial steps I can take to become self sufficient before owning a home and land. I graduated from college 3 years ago and have very little money saved so I’m starting with the basics. I also have very little storage space. I’d love to receive advice on how to prepare for “small calamities” like extreme snowstorms and hurricanes then eventually work my way up to being prepared for extended unemployment or national disasters.

The steps I’ve taken so far:
1) Bought solar powered flashlights, constantly sitting by my windows
2) Amassed large amounts of candles and lighters/matches
3) Began growing plants from seeds on my deck so I’ll have an idea of how to grow vegetables/fruits in a yard without reliance on expensive nursery seedlings

I am considering buying a hand crank radio with emergency/weather stations and a small generator. I am also considering teaching myself how to can/bottle food then storing foodstuffs in my garage. However, I don’t know if I am jumping into the “big picture” too soon and should be focusing on lifestyle changes to make rather than things I should buy. As a beginner without land I am not quite sure about how I should continue.

Most of the posters have already told her everything I would tell her. It’s great that she’s already thinking about this now. As with most things in life, unfortunately, the younger you get started the easier it is, and the better the long-term results.


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