Keeping sufficient gas in your car

To continue on the theme of the last post a bit, I believe it was the same person who first taught me about disaster kits who told me that you should always keep at least half a tank of gas in your car at all times. The reasoning, he said, was that in an evacuation you don’t want to have to stop to fill up. Even if you are not in any physical danger at the moment, you could encounter long lines at the gas station of those who do need to gas up.

It’s better, he said, to keep at least half a tank in your car. That way you can drive quite a distance before you really do need to fill up, and that should usually be enough to get you out of the area of danger. Gas stations farther away will not be as busy, as well.

I have always tried to heed this advice, at least most of the time. But thinking back on it, is it really necessary? Is it over-thinking things? Like the disaster kit it’s something that doesn’t really make sense until suddenly it does. But then, how many disasters are going to require that you drive 100 or more miles to escape?

What do you think? Is keeping half a tank of gas in your car a sound practice, or just needless fuss?

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