Staying grounded through work

Anthony Siino, writing for Chico State’s independent student newspaper, produced a column about the value of hard work and producing something with one’s hands. He encouraged his fellow college students to not get too caught up in the “life of the mind” and try hard work now and then to boost one’s self-reliance:

Students should remember to stay in contact with the physical world. Hard work brings even the most philosophical people back to the ground and grants us appreciation of the simpler things in life.

The beauty of hard work comes twofold. Not only can you appreciate the relaxation that comes after grueling labor, but you can immediately see the results.

He of course catches heck in the comments, proving once again that college students seldom read anything all the way through, let alone think about what they’ve read. But if Mr. Siino ever comes to me for a job some day¬† he’ll have a much better chance than most of his readers–I mean, skim-and-detractors.

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