The FCC has decided that bloggers not revealing where they receive income is a threat worth quashing. I agree it’s unethical, for example, to blog about how wonderful Nabisco products are without disclosing that Nabisco is paying you $200 a month to say nice things about them from time to time. I don’t think we needed the government to step in and police that, but it is what it is.

And so here is my disclosure:

I may recommend–or at least review–books and other products from time to time. If I provide a link to Amazon.com or some other site to those products, I’ll probably get some sort of a reward if you click on or buy those products. I try not to recommend things I don’t believe in just to make money.

The other is VIP Gamestore, a video game store. I have mostly just a passing interest in video games, but I believe in our approach. There are people for whom video games are a key source of entertainment. It’s not incompatible with this blog to offer people a way to obtain that entertainment more economically. There may be some relevance here from time to time, and so there may be some links as well.

I am also a consultant/private contractor in several areas. I’m not sure how that will tie in with anything I say here, but I’ll disclose that, too.

If, in the future, anyone offers to pay me or offer me goods/services/rewards for links, references, reviews, etc., I’ll be sure and disclose it. I’ll probably do a little happy-happy dance, too, but I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

So rest assured that unless I say otherwise, anything I link to, mention, or plug outside of my business ventures indicated above I am doing out of true, unadulterated interest and/or enthusiasm. Read with confidence.

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