Step One – Shelter: Update 2

We have closed on our new house, moved in, and have been there a week and a half. It’s been an adventure. Our air conditioner blew a fuse our first weekend here. We have numerous electrical outlets that don’t work. Our phone lines worked for a few days, then croaked. The connection to the house is fine, so the phone company won’t help. I’m currently pirating my own phone service by running a cable from the outside box to my DSL modem, which in turn connects in one phone.

And we have an ant problem.

Some of the “loveableness” of the house has rubbed off, but I still like the place. It will be a great home once we get things settled in, some things repaired, and some things banished back to the depths of hades from whence they sprang. We still have ample room for storage, and that will be a very good thing once we get into a position to capitalize on it.

Stay tuned.


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