Emergency preparation for apartments

American Prepper Network had a good article up today about emergency preparations you can make even if your living space is limited (or controlled, ie. strict rules).

I think the main point of this article is that even this limited amount of preparation can help in a tight spot. There was nothing on their list that was unique to apartment life–it was good advice for anyone.

Having lived in several apartments during my life I’m amazed by just how much room you can exploit if you really try. The key is that you have to:

  1. Be creative. There is space everywhere, if you know how to use it. Even right out in the open can be a good place with a little creative screening or decorative boxing.
  2. Make storage a priority. Any amount of space will fill up. The key is making sure you fill it up with the right stuff. Instead of keeping a supply of dead electronics (I’m guilty!), use that space for rice, beans, or other staples.
  3. Check regularly for unwanted guests. Mice and other pests can get into all sorts of places. Make sure you check regularly for signs (scattered traces of food, droppings, shredded insulation, wall-materials, paper).
  4. Keep an inventory of what you have and where it is. You may be so creative with your storage that you may forget you have certain things, or where you put stuff.
  5. Make yourself rotate your stored items regularly. If you can, use from your storage first and replace it with new items.
  6. Keep track of what you use so you can replace it.

While having more space certainly helps, it often comes down more to what you do with the space you have than how much you have. Apartment-dwellers can be just as prepared as anyone else–and in some cases their emergency stores may even be better protected.

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