Congratulations, Self Reliance Exchange!

Self Reliance Exchange is celebrating their 500th post! They’ve included a list of their ten most popular articles:

Let’s take a moment to examine what’s popular in terms of articles and categories. Popular articles reflect reader interest in specific subjects. So far, the ten most popular articles are:
1. Identifying Old Eggs – Here’s How
2. Energy Conservation – Stop Buying Electric Gadgets
3. Low Profile Living: More Ideas to Keep It on the Down Low
4. Cooking on a Wood Stove – “Common Sense” Temperature
5. Opening Day on the Horizon . . . Self Reliance in the Background
6. Disaster Strikes– Ways to Start a Fire
7. Popular Movies – Just Wait a Minute, or Maybe Longer
8. BBQ Grilling Magic: How to Indirect Grill
9. Pouring Liquids without a Funnel – Part 2
10. How to Use the Value of Your Local Library

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