Other sources of self reliance information

I would be foolish to believe I am alone in my interest in self reliance. There are already plenty of people out there talking about it. Their approaches differ dramatically. Some are looking to live a more self-sustainable lifestyle. Some are looking more for simplicity in their living. Some seem more “survivalist” in nature.

Here are a few that I’ve recently found and find interesting for various reasons:

  • Woodhenge Self Reliance Campus – “We teach energy classes in solar, wind and microhydro, as well as sustainable agriculture, building methods, and biofuels.” Their latest post talks about zombie invasions as a metaphor for self reliance.
  • Self Reliance Radio on Blog Talk Radio – “Dedicated to helping people to achieve energy, health, and food independence in an urban environment. Off the grid, out of the grocery store and out of the doctors office. Join host Barry Szczucki and special guests on the quest for self reliance. Topics include growing your own Superfoods using organic gardening methods, making and conserving energy, and better health through nutrition.”
  • The Blended Lifestyle – “I yearn for a rural lifestyle, getting earth under my fingernails and putting funny-looking delicious veg straight from the earth onto the table. I’d like to get my honey from bee hives rather than squeezy bottles, my milk, yoghurt and cheese from a goat rather than plastic packets that I throw away. I also love my laptop, my work, my feeling of being plugged into the city.I am trying to find my way towards a lifestyle that blends self sufficiency with participation in the formal economy. The blog comes with me all the way.” A blog from the UK–with newborn lamb photos!
  • Self Reliance Exchange – “As the name would suggest, this site is about self reliance. More importantly, it’s a place for exchange of information between and among individual who believe that a self directed life is wise and worthy of embracing. Self reliance is a broad theme, and there are many categories of information that you’ll find here. All are related to living a more deliberate and self-directed life of your own choosing.” In many ways, this site is already doing what I envision for this site. I suspect I will be a regular visitor there.
  • Real Self Reliance – “This blog has three aims: 1) Simplicity in the good times. 2) Security in the hard times. 3) Survival in the emergencies.It is written mostly by me, Bryce. You’ll occasionally hear from others, though.
  • Adventures in Self Reliance – “I’m a stay home mom of 3, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and crazy do-it-yourselfer. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions, I love input!” She’s got an article about hiding food storage behind her couch. I’ve thought about doing that myself!

I’ll be following these sites for the next while, at least, just give them a thorough check. Anyone know of any other sites I should be watching?

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