Thoreau’s morning commute

Whatever I may think of Thoreau’s ideas in Walden (and for the most part I think rather highly of them), there is no disputing that he is convincing me to fall in love with Walden Pond itself. Other than himself, it is the only other character of consequence in the book. And who can blame him for going on and on about it, really? I mean, take a look at this:


Photos by Ian Britton (via

I suspect in a place like this I’d get rather introspective and philosophical, too. There is an aerial photo of the pond and the surrounding area that can be seen here. I am uncertain about the copyright status, so I’ll just send you there if you wish to see more beautiful New England scenery. I would if I were you. “Thoreau’s Cove”, where he built his cabin, can be seen to the lower left. The straight cut through the woods across the lower right corner is, I believe, the train tracks that Thoreau mentions frequently–often in connection with dismissing modern development and travel.

If ever I travel in New England, Walden Pond is on my list of place to see.

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