Don’t forget to exercise

Sorry that posting has been light lately. Part of the reason is that I’ve been doing research for this blog. The other is that I’ve been very busy, and very stressed. I won’t go into all the stressors I’m dealing with because it would be pointless. Probably about half of you would think “What’s the big deal, wuss!” and the other half would think, “Oh, you poor man!” The reality is that we each have things that really stress us out that others would hardly bat an eye over, and vice versa.

Anyway, in my case the load built up to the point it was making me sick–on the very day I had an important interview. After spending most of the morning trying to sleep it off I finally decided to make myself go exercise. It did the trick. I put in about twenty minutes of rigorous (for my current physical state) exercise, and then went to take a shower. I felt much better. The interview went pretty well.

I’m still working on a complete list of areas in which one can be self-reliant, but emotional self-reliance is on that list. We need to have the tools–and the discipline to use them–to help us maintain emotional balance. Exercise is one of those tools for me and for most people. Don’t forget to exercise regularly.


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