My self-reliance project

These last few weeks I have been struggling a bit with life in general. This weekend I spent some time soul-searching, scripture-searching, and just generally thinking. It occurred to me that self-reliance is more than just getting your finances and food storage in order. There is spiritual, emotional, and social self-reliance as well. And it occurred to me that in many ways I still have a long way to go toward being self-reliant.

So I’m going to start a project. Within a year I want to have a thoroughly mapped-out plan for personal self-reliance, and I want to have made significant progress in each area.

To kick it all off, I’m going back to the source. Well, one of them, anyway. Today I checked out Thoreau’s “Walden” from the library. It should be a good starting point, anyway.

So stay tuned. I’ll be posting more soon as I contemplate just what I’m getting myself in for here.


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